Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here are a few random pics. Hannah in the WIggles car after her haircut - lovin it. Then our 'first baby' and my Dad's strong hands. See the two wedding bands? He had Mum's diamond one enlarged so he could wear it. He tries so hard to look after us all in her absence. I am sure Mum is so very proud of him. He went back to Brisvegas for a week holiday and brought back some lovely treats for hte twins -a dolphin on a chain that Kit adores and this H for Hannah - which quite frankly I adore - as it swings over her precious heart...

This boy is just so gorgeous at the moment. He also melts down regularly come the afternoon and especially at bedtime. Yet he is also such a delight. He got a 'principals award' sticker at school last week - when I ame down to help in the classroom - he was SO proud to show it to me.

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