Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hannah's Holiday Book

Today's activity. While I was online Hannah brought out her favourite book of the past 2 years - the Banana's in Pajamas Holiday Book. She asked me to staple some sheets of paper and write 'Hannah's Holiday Book' on the cover. She then set about drawing. When I had finished spending time on the computer - I asked her to talk to me about her pictures - and then I added in the words. I also helped with a couple of pages that had been blank originally.

(Mummy and Hannah got a haircut)


Adelaide Dupont said...

Great haircut picture!

Yes, that's what it does look like.

Lund7 said...

Wow! Hannah is an amazing artist!!!! What a sweet book she made!

Michelle said...

how wonderful that she wanted to make her own book!

Beth said...

That's terrific drawing! I love the Hannah and Mummy are cooking page.

Seeing Hannah with her hair cut brings me back in time with my own that hair!