Friday, April 16, 2010

Holidays End

How feral was their hair? Poor darlings. I finally got around to taking them to the chopshop yesterday. they look so much better now.
I thought it would be fun for the twins and i to make a scarecrow for our vegie garden as a holiday activity. I had been saving some of their old clothes to use - and yesterday we finally got around to it.
I hate answering the phone - close friends know that if it takes a while to get a response - it isn't because we screen our calls - it's cos DH and I are arguing over who gets to answer it - neither of us really wanting to. I am not really sure why I feel that way - cos I love a chat! (lol). For Christmas Santa brought me a gorgeous 1940s black bakelite rotary dial - I LOVE it. Over the holidays I have found that I have to 'race' to the phone - or trian up the kids - cos they both love answering it. Kit usually says 'Kit here. Who are you?' or "Kit here, here's Mummy'. Hannah either heavy breathes or says in her funny speech way "Hello?' They both 'make calls' while I am driving them places - to their father, or an imaginary friend.
And so it is the last day of the holidays. A quiet day in the Dock - cos I am taking Hannah to get the flu injection and the swine one too - hope it goes ok. I am already lookig forward to next holidays - these have been great.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Enjoyed reading and looking at the scarecrow.

Michelle said...

they are darling with their new haircuts! of course they were darling before too :)