Friday, April 09, 2010

Holidays week1

I have often described Hannah as being a nightmare at breakfast - perhaps I should just change that to a little unconventional - she has been no trouble this past week - so long as she can have pasta, tinned spagetti or leftover chicken meat.
Kit is no trouble at breakfast - here he is enjoying this mornings oats.
Kit's first game of soccer is this weekend. his father and I are more excited about it than he is at the moment.
Yesterday was payday and when I visited my favourite coffee bean shop - i couldn't resist this little gem. I know just where to hang it but will have to buy a frame for it first.
I was able to book Hannah intot he 3 day school holiday swim program - witht he special needs teacher. It is great and she learns so much - I wish I could get her in the rest of the time but at least they cap the regular class to 3 students for her.
Kit made this gorgeous mouse as well as a fire, a circle, a hat, a chair, a scarecrow and a snail. I loved watching him think about each of his creations.
Hannah and I made a scarecrow and some other bits and bobs yesterday - we will try and paint them this afternoon.
It has been raining on and off all holidays. Here is the back deck witht he remnants of the twins' cooking - left out in the afternoon rainstorm. I wasn't too happy last night when Dad came home and said there was a storm warning for Sydney. I am meant to be minding my newest neice - and didn't want the wet weather to stop my fun!! (Her parents and siblings were/are off to the Sydney Easter Show - definitely not a wet weather activity!) Lucky for us the sun is shining and baby C is on her way here.
The afternoons are my favourite. Usually we have had a busy morning which ends with me feeling a bit tired and cranky - so I have a bit of a cleaning frenzy and they - hey presto - a bit of order is restored, the kettle is on and all is right in the world again.
As the first week of the twins first school holidays draws to a close - there are still plenty of eggs around the house.
My stash...
I wonder how much will remain by this time next week?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Good to see the Easter photos.

We often need lots of carbs and protein during breakfast time, and so many breakfast 'options' are just boring.

Awesome, too, to see the creations and the cooking.

And the stash of Easter eggs!

Sharon said...

I am impressed that you still have an Easter "stash!" Most of our eggs are disappearing very quickly.
Hope Kit's soccer game goes great. So cute watching the littlies play.
Maia and Hannah would be great together at breakfast. Maia occasionally eats scrambled eggs, yoghurt or toast but most often lately it is cheese toasties, leftover rice or pasta or meat on her menu.
Hope your rain clears up, great excuse for crafty sessions inside. Totally understand what you mean about needing some order again at some stage each day though.
Hope you have a great second week too.