Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some music playing. Favourite pieces at the moment are Puff the Magic Dragon and Toot Toot.

Dress ups are popular here at the moment.
We all had a bit of a wild visit to our very good friends who live around the corner. R's brother and his wife were out from England so it was a bit of an occassion - here is Hannah ready to play peekaboo with us.
My aunty in Brisbane bought these panels of fabric for Hannah. They were called Homespun Hannah an Americana Doll. I never thought I'd be sewing dolls but it was actually quite fun and the kids like her. I still have to do her pantaloons and her quilt.
We had a BBQ with some of our oldest friends (from school) and their kids. One little sweetie was asleep in our room but the others sat at the table together for tea. AFterwards while the adults hogged the big tv for the tennis P set up hte portable dvd player in the playhouse and the kids loved watching Curious George there. One of their 'aunts' had baked the marshmallow cupcakes. Do I need to say that they had fun?


Tommy's mommy said...

What fun times! Hannah is such a beautiful girl.

mum2brady said...

Shelley - I cannot believe how big the twins are getting! Hannah is just magic and Kit is sooo handsome! Looks like you are having tons of fun this summer (winter here) :) I LOVE all the pics!!!

p.s. I tagged you for the Love/Hate meme :)

Michelle said...

Kayla got the Puff the Magic Dragon book/cd for Christmas and loves singing the first 2 lines over and over :)

Great pictures!

Katie said...

Aww they are so cute!
looks like alot of fun :)