Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love sleep. I have been thinking about it a lot. I never used to but now it can be quite a contraversial topic. Who got more or less sleep last night? Who slept in which beds? When I had had a difficult day I used to watch the twins sleeping - I am sure that nature makes sure that sleeping children have a particular angelic aura - as some days when they finally went to sleep were the only time I got to plan their murder (or at least some form of tortuous retribution!) - but by then they looked so amazing it was inconceivable!

I have lots of photoes of them asleep. In the humidicribs they spent their first few days in. Then side by side in the neonatal care twin cot, then home sharing a cot, on holidays together in a travel cot, lying on their father's chest asleep, in the pram asleep, in bed with one of us asleep, Kit when he was so tired he fell asleep on the floor with my feet as his pillow, Hannah asleep at the table in the middle fo her meal, spoon part way to her mouth, Hannah asleep legs off the bed - no doubt she had been mid escape to come and see us but fell asleep before she could climb out of bed. The twins asleep together in their single beds ... and here is another for the collection. Today was a very busy day and while we were picnicing in our frined's garden Hannah found the perfect spot for some rest:


~Melissa~ said...

She chose the perfect sleeping spot!!

Michelle said...

she looks so comfy!