Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gratuitous Photos Ahead

I spent Monday like a maniac trying to ave a relaxed department store shop, a grocery shop, a relaxed lunch in front of a dvd at home followed by a top to tail spring clean for the home - particularly the infested playroom, not to mention dropping the darlings off at childcare en route to all this. At the end of the day the house looked great but I was a wreck - it was worth it though. TOday - not a shop in sight. I took the brats to the local park - it was a bit cloudy so we had the place to ourselves. Home for a snack, some duplo, a sea inspired painting by everyone oh - still not time for lunch? A few 'lessons' (singing, phonics, puzzles, colouring books) and then lunch, nap. My goodness - while they were napping I cleaned up (just a little), did some sewing, some jigsaw, listened to MY music ... then one of the twins' favourite friends Subash came over as his parents needed some childminding for him (school holiday schedules). We played some music, he and Kit raced around with fireengines yelling 'nee nor' at full volume, Hannah wanted to do some of her own jigsaws. Bash and I tried to teach Hannah snap using colour and shape cards - she LOVED 'snapping' but otherwise - limited or no idea. Then we made up Kit's bed (toilet training two - mmm - talk about wee and wash city) had some blueberries and pineapple, played shops and with Thomas. Finally Bash's mum arrives then the twins father too ... and phase 2 of the day begins ... I took a few photos of the kids at the park. I know it is a little pathetic how I love taking pictures of them - it is so hard to decide which ones to delete - she has such a lovely back, just check out how he climbs that ... still somehow I restrained myself to only a dozen or so photoes and will share only my favourites with you:

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Katie said...

oh they are gorgeous! Sounds like you have had a funa nd productive few days!
Its good to take heaps of pic's, I have zillions of photos of the boys clogging up my hard drive!