Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day

P has taken Kit to his first movie today - Bee Movie - I hope he likes it. Hannah would find the whole thing too much so I took her to the local acquatic centre instead. She loves it. When the brats were very young I tried to get them into baby swim class there but the demand was high and we missed out. I was told things quieten down in the middle of the year (winter months) so today I felt inspired to ask again when they were accepting enrolments for the winter months. These days even those ones are hard to get into apparently but when I was talking to the woman there she said that they had one on one special needs classes with spots available. So I am going to ring up on Tuesday and see if there is anything I can do to get Hannah into one and hopefully get Kit a place in one of the other classes as a sibling. It seems funny though - I don't see why she needs to be separated from Kit for swimming when he can't swim either! Still it will be the only activity that doesn't require me to be there coaching them as well as the teacher so from that point of view if they can fit her in it might be very good experience.

We had a quiet day yesterday. It was however Australia day so Kit and I decided we should at least have a bbq dinner. When I went to the bottle shop for supplies they gave me these two flags to mark the occassion which the twins loved waving.


Katie said...

Aww they are so cute :)
Happy Oz day!
nothing like a public holiday to bring out the patriots!

Michelle said...

they are so cute w/their flags!

Hope you're able to get them both into swimming classes...and hope Kit enjoyed the movie!

mum2brady said...

so cute!!! Happy Australia day!!!

Tommy's mommy said...

They are so cute waving their flags. Big smiles on their faces.

Interesting about the swiming class. I'll need to look into one here.