Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here is a meme from Chris at Brady's Bunch:
Walking up and down stairs are still quite tricky for Hannah - but that doesn't stop her giving it a go!
I hate that things that come so easily for others are so bloody difficult for Hannah. Like the fact that she can understand so much more than she can express. I hate that she doesn't really answer when I ask her what her day was like at childcare. I hate that she doesn't have any particular friends there either. I hate being so afraid of her future years at school, I wish I had greater faith in her being having a truly inclusive and rewarding experience. I hate that the twins are growing up so fast - as much as I love watching them do it! I hate prejudice in any form.
I love summer holidays. Days spent like today - we went swimming at the local aquatic centre, then lunch was a picnic at the home of a friend - with a 3 week old baby, the twins had a big sleep in the afternoon so I got time to baste a quilt I'm working on and then we walked up the road to meet some good friends at the local Italian restaurant for an early dinner - such a simple but lovely rhythm to our day. I love watching the twins learn. The way Kit tries out language - like tonight when he said "I'd like you to go now Mum" when I was patting him in bed - he didn't really but the phrase must have caught his fancy and he was trying it out. I love the fact that Hannah has a great enthusiasm to continue to try things that do not come as easily to her as to most other children. I love their spirit and the different ways of seeing things and the new experiences they have brought to P and I. I love time spent with friends. I love a clean house and a tidy garden. I love the sense of achievement in a lesson that really 'works'. I love long walks around the bay or to the park.
Most of all I love my family. I love watching the twins maraude with their cousins - both of them happy with their place in the pack, loved just as they are.


Tommy's mommy said...

Tearing up. Big sniff, wipe the eyes.

Oh my. What a meme. I couldn't have said many of the thoughts any better. Wow. And the thought of basting a quilt (I have so many pieced tops right now) while my twins nap is beyond comprehension.

Thank you for writing such a beautiful post.

Katie said...

That was truley beautiful (sniff)
Your kids are so lovely!
If you ever come down to Canberra give me a hoy, and we can meet up at a park somewhere :)