Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hannah's favourite sign


Yes here is the cake in question:
and yes he had just swiped a finger across the top of the chocolate icing!The twin's cousin Jacob turned three so we went over to his holiday digs - fancy schmancy accommodations over at Manly to help him celebrate. The brats just loved the water - the beach was closed but we snuck in a little paddling right near the edge - we were right outside the surf lifesaving club and the lovely man on the phone suggested that even though the beach was closed - knowing our great temptation (it was hot!) could everyone stay in water no higher than their knees - the twins's knees are pretty low down so I figured we were fine! Hannah was slow to take to it but after a bit of coaxing from her beloved Nan I could hear her demanding 'more' of the surf.

More party pics:
They loved their Uncle Miles pushing them off the edge of the lounges onto the cushions

Our three boys (and a little pink pussycat keyboard)
Playing doctor
The clean up after the beach
Big hits this year with both brats are Woody and Jesse (and Toy Story2). Kit is jumping off everything in sight it seems and yelling 'To infinity and beyond!' as he goes. The other day I wandered past our small bathroom to see Hannah standing on the toilet seat, arms stretched high and I knew she was trying to find the skills to yell 'To infinity and beyond!' so I had to run in and get her down before she crashed into the wash basin the doofus.
I will post about Mum soon but at the moment it is too raw and I need to mull it over in my mind. She is doing a lot better and still at home which is great.


Katie said...

"To ifty ah beyoh!" is exactly what my two yr old announces seconds before crashing to the floor from the couch and emerging with a big grin and a bruise. LOL, gotta love the little rascals!
Those pics are so cute :) im glad u got to get your feet wet, the waves have been spectacular!
Im glad to hear your mum is doing better.

~Melissa~ said...

I'm glad your mum is doing better.

What wonderful pictures - Cake is a good favorite sign :)

Michelle said...

looks like a fun bday party!

Glad to hear your mom is doing better!

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh the pictures are just marvelous! Hannah looks like she has fun wherever she is!

Glad to hear your mom is doing better. It's hard when we start taking care of our parents... at least I start parenting my babes a bit differently.

Take care and post more pictures!! :)