Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New shoes and new dress

Kit came out in his father's new shoes this morning - he thought he was very clever.

Hannah looks like she is running but of course she is not even walking as such - I had high hopes for Christmas but will have to be content that she is taking steps if not actually walking much - this dress is not one for crawling in so I thought perhaps she could wear it to church on Christmas morning. The dress was a gift from an old friend of my sister's at the twins first birthday/christening bash last year and I think it looks lovely on my angel girl.

I used a website found on Big Bluberry Eyes Blog today - phonics - the twins loved it - I just did a few letters - A, B, D, K, W and H. They loved it - Hannah was especially enamoured of the 'big brown bear' and was sounding 'b' very well. Her EI has been using a phonics kit called Ants in the Apple - just a few letters too and I finally got around to ordering my own copy today as I really want to try and spend some time on that in Jan. She is pretty good on the 'a' sound and was doing 'b' well today too. Tonight at my inlaws for dinner she said quite clearly "Mum's bowl" - YAY! Another two word utterance.


Michelle said...

Kit is clever in daddy's shoes! Kayla loves to put on our shoes too, she thinks it's the best thing!

Hannah does look gorgeous in that dress!

I'm glad they enjoyed the website! It's one of Kayla's favorites (like she has many websites she goes too!) :) Yay Hannah on the 2word phrase!

Anonymous said...

look at him in daddy's shoes!!! and i agree, the dress looks wonderful on hannah!

Bluepaintred said...

omigosh what beautiful babies. I love the Hannah pictures , she looks So Happy in them! Kits eyes just blare out at you, they are such a beautiful color!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - your children are gorgeous! I'll definitely be back to follow their progress :)