Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cheeky Brat

Sweet Brat
My terrific two year old twins!
Where has my hat gone?
I work in a warzone. there are three 'faculties' and a lot of dysfuntion. It was depressing me but luckily I have been told that (as I requested) I will be ont he 'peace bus' next year. YAY!!! That means that I am fully in the most peaceful of the three faculties so I am very hopeful for a harmonious time. I will have two subjests that I really enjoy teaching too and the faculty head was able to organise for different teachers to job share with me on the days that I cna't work. For all the problems there management have been very supportive of my return part time even though it is not as convenient for them. They understand that part of the reasoning for that is meeting Hannah's needs and so I am grateful for that.

For now there are three days of teaching left. A bucket full of marking and loose ends to tidy up bebefore my students go on stuvac and then there will be therir final exams and the marking of those. Whew - the end of my first year back post babies is in sight and I am rather relieved.

The brats have been going well. We went to a birthday party for a little boy in Hannah's EI play group. He has 'global development delay' otherwise known as 'no diagnosis'. It was in a local park and there were quite a few other kids and their families from the wider EI provider. It was lovely to see such a mixed bunch of kids enjoying themselves. The 'special needs' of probably half the kids there just wasn't an issue or even noticed by any of us there. It was a lovely and supportive environment to celebrate the birthday of a very cute little fellow who has been working very hard in his first two years of life. Congratulations J! We love you! (sorry no pics as I forgot my camera and I don't have the technical expertise to share the wonderful thankyou photo montage of the day that J's 'super' parents put together.

Found it!


mum2brady said...

Aww - love all the new pics! So glad you found your hat Hannah!!!

Hope you have the best summer vacation! At first I wondered why you were having finals, afterall, we're just coming up to Christmas break soon, but I forgot about our opposite seasons!!! I hope you enjoy your time off and can totally relax. Whoooo hoooo on getting onto the peaceful faculty, that will be so nice :) Can't wait to see more pics :)

Michelle said...

Could your two twins be any cuter?! They are looking so much more "older" now too!

The Imperfect Christian said...

I always look forward to your pictures! Those two look like a barrel of fun!