Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hannah's Progress
Hannah bear is going thorugh one of those spurts at the moment (or else it is just that I have been trying to take particluar notice of how she is going). I have almost finished the Hanen It takes Two to Talk course and it has been a lot of fun - it has helped me focus on aspects of Hannah's speech and also given me lots of opportunities to discuss ideas on how to help her move from the First Word User stage of communication into the next one of Combiner.

She does already say 'more milk' and some two word utterances but I want them to be clearer and more consistent. I am also trying to get her verbs happening more often.

The physio is thrilled with her move towards walking - she says that with Han's tone being so low and her muscles so loose - it is really by sheer determination that she can do as much as she is doing: This is what she did today - She loved playing Ring a Rosie with Kit and I and is getting stronger on her feet and still managing to say 'down' and sign 'eating' (for the cow is in the meadow part) very clearly. She walked about 4 feet to her father. When she was 'dancing' (which she loves and believes involves moving your feet) she 'walked' around in a wee circle for about 8 steps - that is walking without having to move beteween A and B with her eyes carefully fixed on her destination. She is getting a lot more confident at moving into standing and balancing herself in that position if she starts to 'wobble'.

She has also been enjoying drawing more too and rarely draws 'dots' from banging the crayon on the paper - now it is all strokes - up and down and 'round' - well her version of round!

So when I get frustrated and wish her walking was progressing better, or her talking, or her fine motor - I really just need to remind myself that she is busily trying to develop all three - if she was focussing on one alone of course it would take her less time. So it looks like I won't be selling her at Christmas - she really is a trooper - and goes through her paces with such charm and grace (and a lot of stubbornness too - but rarely with a whinge or any ill temper) she is indeed well named - Grace of God - I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Cooking brats - the twins are still obsessed with cooking. I spent ages the other day playing with Hannah - she was putting a roast chicken in a pot and 'cooking' it - it was a great opportunity to practise some of my Hanen strategies.

Kit is marvellous - I love watching him learn. He parrots phrases after us if they catch his fancy. He loves 'kicking' a ball and is now sitting on the real dining chair - he thinks he is pretty good being able to move around at dinner time while Hannah is still strapped into her booster seat. He loves these two kids cooking books that a friend gave them for their birthday - they are reading them together in the above photoes. Both the twins love books - I hope they always do as their father and I are both keen readers - in fact with Christmas holidays fast approaching I will be hoping to find some good books to read - I tend to slow down my reading a lot during term time.


Michelle said...

What a great update and how wonderful that she's going through a milestone spurt!! cute pics as always!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful update. They are so adorable~as always.