Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We Survived!

Today was the last Hanen course video feedback session. It was on communicating with books. The twins absolutely love books but I must say I was rather nervous about this video - I couldn't get rid of Kit as Hannah doesn't cooperate the last time I tried that - she knew something was up. So I was thinking that the video would show up how every time I comment when reading or get the twins to finish a phrase that it is Kit who jumps in depriving Hannah of the opportunity to communicate.

There was some fuss at the beginning getting settled but after that they were both champs. hannah signed lots and spoke some spontaneous words. She and Kit took turns and didn't fight while we were reading the story together. Overall I think it went pretty well with lots of communication happening. I could still focus more on particular words but Hannah has varied interests and because we encourage her to 'pick' the books she wants us to read - the book being read changes regularly.

So only one more Hanen to go - it has been a very good exericse. I feel more able to isolate key words that I wnat Hannah to say or understand. I think I am better at giving her time to respond and giving her greater control over our communications. She is certainly making good progress.

Hannah's chosen book for the video was The Rain Came Down by David Shannon - it is pretty good and she loves it at the moment. She signs 'raining' and 'rainbow' and tries to say barking. There is lots of other vocab in there - both for understanding and communication.

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Michelle said...

sounds like you are really getting a lot out of this course -that's great!