Wednesday, November 15, 2006

WHOO - HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO HANNAH BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much do I love Hannah? How proud am I of that little brat of mine? More than words can ever say!

Today I took the twins to a popular local playgroup - I have taken them there a few times in the last month or so. It goes for 3 hours - the kids can play on the outdoor equipment, in the sand pit, at the tables drawing or using playdough or inside at a 'home play' section or on some couches with books. All the little ones sit up at the tables for morning tea and then to finish off the morning we go inside for a story/singalong session.

On another point my dear husband has been teasing me claiming that I am a pushy Mum (based on a conversation about music lessons for the twins next year). He supports this but says that most of our friends would say he was the pushy one when in fact it is I who have the more pushy approach. He used the amount of structured activities I do with the twins as an example. (Hannah basically has 2 hours of therapy a week max and while I have been doing Hannen she has missed out on about 7 sessions since July). SO the two days I have off with them and the afternoons are a good opportunity for me to implement some of the strategies I have learnt from Hannen or discussed with the Speechie, the Physio and or the OT.

Today as I moved around with my children I have to say that yes I am an 'active' mum. I am involved in my kids play - after all play is children's work. I don't have two 'regular' kids that enable me to sit and chat with other mums while keeping a weather eye on the twins. That isn't why I go to this playgroup - I am there for the equipment which I don't have at home. They still get time to play on their own but I do like to make sure that they are engaged in something that appeals to them and that they experience a few different activities in a day. I think it is obvious why I need to be hands on for Hannah - I feel guilty if I don't make some effort at targetted development areas each day - however she is a keen explorer and I often just give her time to explore on her own as well as play alongside her. ANYWAYS ... in a busy playgroup where she is unfamiliar with things it is particularly important that I help her settle in a bit.

And so ...Today at the story/singing session she sat up front on the mat. The activities go a bit fast for her becasue it is a group for 'regular' kids. While we were waiting she was doing the actions to one of her favourite songs Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear. Then she sat rapt watching as the teacher read 10 in the bed. The best bit came next. The teacher asked the kids to all stand up (she didn't know anything about Hannah's situation). I was sitting nearby and was ready to help her stand by holding her hand but she was keen to participatre and stood up on her own - THEN the gorgeous most darling angel - did her very best to stand up unaided and to do the actions to Heads and Shoulders!!!! I had tears in my eyes watching her so engaged in the song and standing up and bending down and holding her ankles for 'touch toes'. It was such a huge effort - she sat down a few times but just kept getting back up - I am in absolute awe of her spirit - she is just so strong, so determined and so very beautiful. She basically only managed head and toes with an occasional knees - the pace was so fast who can blame her for that? It was the first time that she has been confident enough to actually attmept to make actions while standing - Needless to say she was exhausted and fell asleep in the car almost before I had pulled away from the curb. I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about it - such a wonderful end to the morning. I thank God yet again for both my beautiful children.

And obviously my plans for music lessons next year are a winner as she loves her music so much.


mum2brady said...

Ohhhh - this brings tears of joy to my eyes! WTG Hannah! What a wonderful post - I love it! Such a huge accomplishment, and I bet your girl was soooooo proud of herself!!!! I'm so happy for you both!!!

Anne said...

WTG Hannah!

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Tammy and Parker said...

Wow! Such a great post! Keep up the great work Hannah! ya-hooooo!

Michelle said...

Yay Hannah!! What a great post and I could just tell your excitement of this proud mommy moment!

Head and Shoulders is one of Kayla's favorite songs right now - and it is a bit fast paced. She never touches her shoulders; it was always head to toes, she'll occassionaly do knees now, if we go slow enough! Then she'll usually do just eyes, nose and mouth even though she knows where her ears are!

Anonymous said...

That is great to hear. Seems like Hannah loves music. I completely understand your desire to help Hannah move along. I am exactly the same with Sheena. Today I showed her how to play with some toys. Later while she was in the pram, she reached for them herself, and played with them for over an hour while we were out. That was great for her - but she just wanted to have a bit of guidance.