Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well I arrived at the local government preschool at 8.15 - they'd told me to be there at 9 but some more school savvy mums had suggested I got there early. I sat outside in the sunshine a bit embarassed to be there so early (I don't like to look too pushy!) I was chatting to a little boy and his nonno when the person taking enrolments raced over and asked if I was there for preschool - she pointed me in to the office - and yes there was a queue! Still I got form number 7 - so fingers crossed that after the sibling priorities they can find a place (preferably 3 days) for the twins. Even though they were busy and the woman quite brusqe I got a good feel about the place. It would be a great way to prepare Hannah for mainstream schooling. The hours are a lot shorter than long day care but because it costs so much less I might be able to cut my working hours without much loss of income. Fingers crossed - I'd really like to give it a go! My form went in at 10 to 9. It's crazy really - eduation shouldn't be such a scramble for so few places.

After dragging the twins around there (Hannah was horrendous - in high spirits and ready to explore the old building!) and the local supermarket I got them ready for hte new term of swimming lessons. They have a new instructor - she seems nice. THe twins liked her. She is stricter than the last one. Maybe that is a female trait? Certainly Stefan was great - he had a good balance in his approach but you wouldn't say he was strict - firm but not really strict. Anyways they liked it so fingers crossed that goes well.

Then we went to Hannah's EI for the afternoon session. Mmmm she was definitely NOT at her best. Getting back into things after a big morning meant that she was very tired and consequently less cooperative. She normally loves participating in group and she wasn't too bad but definitely not up to her usual stance. She really loves puzzles and matching games at the moment.

The letter from the ENT came yesterday - grommets to go in on the 24 June. Sigh. I was feeling ok about it - so wasn't too overjoyed when I rang preadmissions and was told that I had to take Hannah in a couple of weeks earlier for blood tests. Why blood tests I foolishly asked? So we know her blood type should she lose a lot of blood and need a transfusion - HELLO????!! ear thingies please NOT major heart surgery. Hannah (and Kit) have a rare blood type and she has already had a blood transfusion after her heart operation - I was trying to keep this 'little' procedure in perspective!

We had two parties to attend on the weekend - a baptism and thenn a friends 38th. Both were lots of fun - clearly too much fun for Hannah as she woke up about midnight with a terrible tummy ache and didn't go back to sleep until about 6am - lying moaning and crying much of the time. Needless to say I had to take Monday off work (not a great look on the first day of term) as she slept late once she did go back to sleep and I couldn't be sure it was just the huge amount of party food and sausages that she'd eaten until she woke up from her sleep. Thankfully it was as she woke up quite sparky although she was also ready for a mid afternoon nap as well.

I don't have any photoes of the baptism yet - Baby Evie looked gorgeous but I am going to be indulgent and put up some nostalgic shots of the twins' baptism instead. Next Sunday I get to be godmother to Sasha - followed by her first birthday party - it should be lots of fun.

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