Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well my holidays are drawing to a close and in spite of the fact that it has rained EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I have had a great time. Monday was my only day with no kids in tow so I got my hair cut and did a little shopping. Tuesday a friend and her 2 littlies came to lunch which was lovely. Wednesday I had a couple of friends and their kids over (we were meant to meet at a local park but it was raining) and then I called in at work for a bit, caught up with the woman I am jobsharing with next term. Thursday my MIL (definitely one of my heroes!) came swimming with the twins and I. They just loved it - Hannah 'talked' or squealed for most of the hour and ahalf that they were in the water - she is a danger in the pool - she has the nerve of Riley! Kept waving 'bye' to me as she wanted her independence. Marea and I didn't get to stop once while we were in the pool with them. Afterwards we met P for a coffee near his work and then did a grocery shop for the long weekend. Anzac day was disgracefully slothful - I did a couple of sewing projects and the twins watched far too much tv.

This afternoon I went to the Diana exhibition at the Powerhouse - it was FANTASTIC! I went with my best friend - and we had high tea afterwards - such a lovely outing. I was meant to go and babysit her daughter (and after next weekend my goddaughter) tonight but little S has a temperature so instead P has their tickets to the footy and I am at home with the twins.

Kit is obsessed with Superman - thanks Pop! Hannah also likes to gad about in the cape - she wore it to look at a house for sale and another little girl (about 2 yo I guess) kept coming up and touching her, cuddling her and even gave her a kiss - far too cute! We are still trying to find a house to buy - it shouldn't be so hard - we only want something modest but to afford that in the area we rent seems near impossible!

Tomorrow we are going to a baptism - my MIL is being godmother to her goddaughter's daughter! and then drinks to celebrate the birthday of a really dear friend - so it should be a lovely day. Work on Monday ...
I finally finished the quilt I was making for our room
The scrappy quilt I made for Baby Evie's baptism

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~Melissa~ said...

Dominic loves to dress like superheroes too.

Those quilts are beautiful!