Monday, April 07, 2008

NSW Down Syndrome Association

Hannah's diagnosis opened up a whole new world for us - and a community that is very important to us. I have met some amazing people - with and without DS - all touched by a diagnosis of DS. NSWDSA was the gateway in for me. When I joined they didn't have a blog and I don't think there was a forum but they have both now - as well as a wonderful team of people there to support us families as we join together on our own unique yet similar journeys.

The title of this post links to their blog - the photo of a little girl Persia and her brother Tyler (who has DS) in the Local Eyes exhibition is beautiful. This week we have also attended a children's tea party before the gala fundraiser "On a Wing and a Prayer" and a morning tea for World DS Day at our local church that was organised by one of the families but promoted too by DSA. Their marketing manager has a little boy at the same childcare as the twins - he has attended 3 functions in just 10 days (as as his wife been at 2 of them!) - it is that sort of dedication and spirit that are part of this world that Hannah has given us entree into. Lovely.
The tea party provided the twins with their first ever face painting experience. They loved it - Hannah got a heart and a star but they were both pretty faded by the time I got home to take her photo.

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