Friday, April 18, 2008

Holidays - Week One

Holidays have been pretty quiet here. Hannah had swimming school every day so on Monday Kit had his first solo day at childcare and Hannah had her first solo lesson. They both did well. Saw the ENT today and as expected - grommets - I am waiting for htem to mail out an ifo pack including dates for me. Otherwise a quiet wet week. We visited the grandparents a couple of times which was nice and got some winter goodies at Target. Next week no swimming classes but I have planned lunch with a friend and her 2 kiddies so that will be nice. Hannah had her flu shot on Tuesday so I am glad to get it out of the way - I missed the window last year and consequently she seemed to have a runny nose for most of the year. The house hunt continues which is giving me no end of grief - I so wish it was over! We made an offer on a nice place but someone bid more... so it goes - oh well - 2 more hopeful houses on the market to look at this weekend - it doesn't help that our 'acceptable area' seems to get smaller each month - now that I have my hopes set on the local gov't preschool for the tiwns next year we need to try and stay in area if we can (not a big burden as we love it here - but it is a bit on the expensive side for us).
After a week of swimming lessons every day Hannah no longer kicks her instructor in the head when he tries to get her to float on her back. I bet he was pleased!
Hannah is getting the idea of buoyancy

Hi 5 - Hannah's instructor always does the hi-5 with her after he has nearly drowned her - she loves it!

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Tommy's mommy said...

Laughing so hard. Hannah's red hair and those lovely pink goggles. Oh my! She is such a peach. Great post.