Saturday, March 29, 2008


Parachoc moustache
The other morning I was helping to put Hannah's shoes on and was explaining to her what was happening that day. Where everyone was going. I said "and Mummy's going to work." To which she interupted me with a pretty clear spoken "Why Mummy?' and gestured 'why' too. It made me stop, in surprise, then with a huge smile I hugged her and told her why Mummy had to leave her to go to work. A moment of totally unexpected bliss.

Kit has been driving me nuts with his whys for ages (they have started to ease up thankfully). It just never occurred to me that this was a stage Hannah would reach. I never considered it a milestone - but there it is, another milestone. A few days later she was wanting to help cook dinner. So she was standing at our regular stove but her father was cooking outside on the BBQ - I was telling her about the stove top and where her dinner was being cooked - and got 2 seperate 'whys' in perfect context.


jotcr2 said...

Well done Hannah-bear. Why is like want, why, when. We're currently working on 'want'.

~Melissa~ said...

That is a wonderful milestone!! Yay Hannah!!!

Katie said...

Oh that is awesome!!!!!
I remember Jaidens first "why?" i thought it would never come..
Congrats Hannah!!!