Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hunting for Eggs

Everyone here had a good easter Sunday. We took the brats to the local church - our first visit there since we moved to the area - it seemed good and the attached school has an open day coming up - I wonder what their attitude towards inclusion will be? Then it was off to maraude with the rest of the family. After lunch a variety of smaller eggs were 'hidden' in the garden. It was the twins first Easter Egg Hunt and boy - they got the concept REALLY QUICKLY!!! The older cousins were very keen to 'win' - Kit doesn't really understand what that means but he figured out it was important. That night at home he asked me if he 'won' - and then said he wanted to have another hunt at home - 'so he and Hannah could win'. Little brat did well - no killer instinct though - once she figured she had enough eggs she sat herself down to tuck in.

The haul


Kari said...

Hi. Happy Belated Easter. I haven't been on your blog for a while. WOW your kiddos sure have grown. Love all your Easter photos Especially Hannah taking a bite off that big bunny. It's a classic!!

Michelle said...

I love all the pictures from Easter! Looks like they ad a great time!