Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Show 2008

Swapped hats
Kit and Morgan
B1 and B2 put on a great show.
Hannah and a Banana
A good day at the show - each year the twins react differently to what they see. It was good to see that Hannah really enjoyed the abckids stage show - even more than last time. Those bananas ripped up the stage - I really enjoyed them too! Best of all for Hannah though were the teddy bears that came with B1 and B2 - unfortunatley I was too close to get a good shot but I tried. We didn't see as many animals this year but Hannah tells me that her favourites were the goats. lol. By the time we hit the showbag pavillion the brats were exhausted so they sat outside with their father while I scooted round as quickly as I could to get them their shrek and Dora stuff.

Princess Hannah

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~Melissa~ said...

I love the swapped hats picture - so sweet. It looks like a marvelous Easter celebration!!