Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Blessings

After watching videos in the afternoon the Brats decided to burn some excess energy bu jumping on their father!

Well - Easter is here - World DS Day has come and gone. We didn't do anything in particular to mark it - but we all had a great Good Friday. In the morning we had our oldest friends (from school) over for brunch with their children. One of our friends from school is in Canberra now - and she was up in Sydney for hte weekend so she was able to come too - a real treat! It was great to see her - we got her busy tattooing all the kids (and she and I gave ourselves one too after the kids were done). It is just lovely to watch 6 kids maraud around - having a ball. Our littlest is nearly one and crawling and standing like a champ - she really entered the foray in full swing!
Our tatoo parlour
That put us in the holiday spirit so we took a family trip to the video shop which the brats just love. It is a bit cold and overcast here so it was a good day for videos. Today is looking at houses (what else could I possibly want to do with my weekend?). Tomorrow will be church and a family lunch complete with easter egg hunt. We are also keen to take the brats to the Royal Easter Show - it is always a hoot.

Hannah's appointment with the pediatrician went well. He is really happy with her progress - said she was the brightest little kid with DS he'd seen!! (He was basing this on her ability to focus and stay on task for puzzles and drawings) So yes her father in particular is GLOWING with PRIDE. I too must say that I was proud of her - I HATE terms like 'high functioning' etc. After listening to his father brag, Kit asked if he was 'smart' - I told him very definitely that yes he was but that he also had a 'good heart' and that is even more important - because that is what I believe. Still I wouldn't be human if I didn't have a bit of a glow after the praise the doc gave Han. I love it when other people can see just how gorgeous she is.

He did however suggest a sleep test - with a view to removing adenoids and tonsils and having grommits put in at the same time. That is something I will get to soon - but we are in NO hurry to put her under the surgeon's knife again. He said that it would maximise her potential - by giving her more energy and stamina. I asked about dietary supplements - it is something I haven't actually got around to but have often thought I should try and see a naturopath or something in case supplements might help Hannah further - he suggested Fish oil supplement 'eye q' so I have bought that - much easier than surgery!

Oh and she is on the 3rd percentile of the 'regular' growth charts!

Hannah loves helping out around the house - she is even good at putting things away - something I wish she'd teach her brother to do!
I appliqued Kit's top for easter - unfortunatley instead of a rabbit driving a car - he got a crazed mouse with rabbit ears in a car!! Oh well - Hannah's chick and easter egg basket turned out at least.
The brats LOVE going out for icecream and babycinos - here they are afterwards enjoying a ride in the big red car - Hannah always refused to go on it once the motor started - but she had no troubles this day - so long as she was in the drivers seat!



Michelle said...

Love Hannah's expression jumping! Pure joy! Sounds like a great check up at the doctors office should be proud of both your 'brats'!

When I first looked at the pic of them in the car I though, "but Hannah's not in the driver's seat" LOL Then I remembered over there she is :)

jotcr2 said...

Hannah looks very cute doing the jump. I have to say that I love her stockings in one of the photos too. Kit is growing up these days.

~Melissa~ said...

I think their shirts are wonderful - you did a great job.

How fun to jump on dad - what a great way to burn off energy!

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - look at their pure joy in their smiles! LOVE IT!!! Ohhh - and Brady loved that Big Red Car- he wants one!!!

Your cuties are really growing up! Loved all the easter pictures!!!