Monday, May 07, 2007

Wow - it is after midnight here and I was doing some Uni work before I thought I'd do this post and go to bed. I just saw a possum on our back fence - here less than 10 ks from the city. My SIL has to cope with the buggers - as she lives in the leafy suburbs furtehr out but I have never seen one here before! They look so cute but they can be rather feisty about food, eat everything in your garden, poo everywhere and infest your roof. They are protected here so getting rid of them is quite a challenge.

Anyways, our Saturdays are still very stressful. Driving all over town looking at real estate is NOT my idea of fun. We have an auction coming up in 2 weeks and if we can't afford this home then I am giving up and we will find somewhere to rent for a while. We settle on our place almost 9 years to the day.

Sunday was a lovely TWINS DAY. To try and destress the house a bit we went for along Bay Walk, played at the park and then the brats 'helped' e in our tiny garden resutling in them needing a bath before lunch. P went to the shops and returned with an orange guitar for Hannah (so now she can stop causing fights when she steals Kit's) and a Thomas 'thing' for Kit which both brats played with for ages in the afternoon. A lovely Sunday.
Hannah's guitar
The 'band'


jotcr2 said...

They both look so busy. Cute pics.

Christina said...

I love the guitarr pic!

Michelle said...

sounds like it was the perfect Sunday!