Saturday, May 05, 2007

I was surprised when the twins started at LDC at 15 months of age that it wasn't long before Kit had developed a friendship with a little boy there called Toby. Toby is a bit older and moved up into the 'big room' half way through last year. This year he and the twins are once agian in the same room. Again I was a bit surprised that Kit and Toby had formed a lovely little friendship including a boy called Jack. (surprised because he was still doing a lot of parallel play but clearly they also played together)Today was Jack's 3rd birthday party - at a local park.

The twins were both very excited about their invitations and keen to go. Part way through the party I guess I began to feel a bit self conscious as I sat and signed with Hannah while she hoed into some choclate cake. Don't get me wrong - these were lovely and welcoming people - but there was a sense that they were watching us. Silly I know but I guess I don't encounter those situations much anymore and haven't thought about it much lately. So another surprise was that it was fine. These were clearly good hearted people who weren't gushing falsely over Hannah but were interested and welcoming - so why should I care that they 'look' at us? We are different as a family - and very proud of both our brats. Jack is a lovely little boy and watching him, Kit and Toby run around was a lot of fun.

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Michelle said...

looks like they had some fun at the bday party - and I'm loving the pics you're able to take with your camera now!