Monday, May 14, 2007

Loving Letters

The brats enjoy playing with their magnetic letters. Kit recognises a lot of them and will say a few words that start with each one. He draws H for Hannah and shapes O for orange with his hands. Hannah likes it too. She can pick out a few key ones most of the time - like H, M, D, N for Nan and P for Pop. They love the Starfall website (Thanks Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes for that tip).
Hannah is doing well on her preliteracy skills - we now have her doing 9 piece 'lotto' puzzzles in black and white.
Favourite verbal expressions at the moment:
Kit - I want my Daddy; I want the Wiggles; Umm, I'm not sure.
Hannah - Noooo...; Kit! (with her fingers on her cheek signing a cat's whiskers); ...bugs... (with her arms moving as if dancing for Jitterbugs) - meaning she wants to listen to the cd of her music lessons AGAIN!


Michelle said...

Kayla STILL enjoys the starfall sight! and her alphabet fridge magnets too :)

mum2brady said...

That's wonderful - Hannah and Kit are doing so well - WTG!!!!

Brady likes the starfall site too :)