Monday, May 14, 2007


I love this photo - how gorgeous is that Hannah of mine?? It got me thinking about perfection. As an adult I am quite exacting in my definition of the term. Perfect means flawless - and let's face it there are lots of flaws in me and in my world. Kit might wake up crying a number of times in the night - wander in to us, go back to his own bed - but in the morning he still says "I had a good sleep Mummy" becuase that is what I usually say when I go into them in the morning - 'did you sleep well?' I ask.

Yesterday I had the sort of mother's day that is best celebrated by someone else taking the kids and then putting them to bed in the night. Nothing to do with the twins I have taken on more than I can chew and with trying to buy a new house I am pretty grumpy and stressed.

Check out Hannah though - and Kit is the same - life has it's disturbances. Moments when they are thwarted. Moments when they are in pain but because they don't have an adult's view of perfection they can truly relish the moment. If they had written this post they would have titled it Perfect Day - or maybe even Perfect Life, I hope so anyway.


Michelle said...

She IS just gorgeous! What a beautiful photo!

jotcr2 said...

Cute pic of hannah. I had Sheena on a swing at the local park, but I still had to hold her back , 'just in case'. She was a tad small for it. She still loved it.