Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hannah and the stairs into the attic.
I used this picture in emails that I sent to family and friends for World Down Syndrome Day. Hannah's muscle tone is very low - at 18 months I am not holding my breath for her to be walking soon. I would love for her to be able to stand alone and 'furniture crawl'. She is a determined little miss as this picture shows. She is standing on the floor but clearly wishes that she could go up the stairs. One day my love you will - the sky is the limit for what you will achieve.

Holy Hannah. This is an old favourite of mine. Taken when Hannah was about 10 months.
Her physiotherapist kept suggesting I get her to play with some 'old beads' - well I don't have any but these rosary beads which I keep near my bed quickly became a favourite for Hannah and Kit. How could anyone not believe that the Creator would answer Hannah's prayers?

Hannah at 4 or 5 months This was one of Phil's favourite pics of Hannah. You can really see her sweet face.

Hannah at seven months
I love this picture because it captures Hannah's great sense of fun and her excitement with her achievements. Sure it was hard for her to get to this point where she is on her tummy and can lift her head up but look at the possibilities now! What fun can I have now? she seems to be saying. She is always ready for the next challenge. I am in awe of her strong spirit. She is my cheeky monkey.

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She is such a beautiful girl.