Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is there really a technological substitute for a favoured Aunty reading a favourite story book though?


Welcome to the world wide web. I have taught a topic called Globalisation and Technolgical Change where we discuss the impact of the internet on daily lives, values and the law. Starting this blog has really made some of the things I say more real - like the whole 'global village' thing.

When the twins were little they used to love watching the screensaver on the computer while they ate their breakfast. This was because I had the laptop on the kitchen table in the mornings and the screensaver went through the photoes I'd taken - pretty much hundreds of - you guessed it: Kit and Hannah.

When I look at them I cannot believe that they are so beautiful, so perfect - even my gorgeous Kit when he is displaying his terrible toddler temper! I hope that someone will always look at them with such adoration - well into old age. It always seemed a shame to me as a high school teacher that somewhere in high school we stop looking at our children with favour for their innocence and start feeling nervous of them for their 'teenness'. Mostly I find that all of my students - even the great hulking uncomfortable, gangling teen full of bravado and bad body odours is usually at heart, just a kid - still young and pretty innocent - but perhaps more eager to take on the world and lose some of their naivete - to make a place for them self in this world.

And then what about the adults? I have met some truly amazing people - in person and online - they are fabulous people who deserve to be honoured. So here's to them - thank you to all the wonderful people whatever your age who have helped the world be a better place just by 'being'. And here's to the creators of the web that enhances the quality of our lives and relationships. I wonder what amazing technologies Hannah and Kit will be fascinated by when they are my age?

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