Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well Easter is over already. Again it was wonderful - I conned Phil into helping me take the 'brats' to church at St Brigids on Sunday morning. We then went to the inlaws for an afternoon of fine food, fun and chocolate. It is great to see all the kids playing together. Kit is fascinated by the older ones, I know he can't wait to be able to do as much as them. Hannah had fun - screamed blue murder when I dared to try and separate her from a half eaten easter egg. I had to post public notices not to feed my two any more chocolate no matter what by late afternoon. Still they had fun.

We braved the Easter Show on Good Friday. The twins could hardly believe their eyes - all those animals from their favourite story books had come to life! Maybe that was why Hannah started signing 'chicken' on Sunday and then 'cat' on Monday. She is growing so quickly and her signing and talking seems to be coming along really well - now if only I could get her to grasp the concept of moving sideways when standing up against the lounge. I know that she would love to have a bit more mobility to catch up to Kit more often.

Good friends of ours dropped by yesterday - they are off to New Zealand for a year's sea change. I will miss them and their three littlies very much - they change so much at this age that by the time I see them again they will all be quite different I am sure. Still it will be lovely for them to spend some time in the country while they are such great explorers.

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Tara Marie said...

Kit and Hannah are just beautiful, and I love Hannah's hair coloring.....my grandmothers hair was that same beautiful color and I always wished mine was the same...and then when I had children I had hoped one would get those amazing locks.