Thursday, April 27, 2006

The family dog keeps Hannah active and entertained. She is good at signing 'dog' and tries to say the dog's name "Stella"

Kit checking out the koalas at the zoo the other day - even when he is off colour he can be a handful! He is 'reading' and signing up a storm at the moment.

Everyone is out of sorts except me!
Oh dear - Kit is still vaguely vomitous (although not as bad or often as before), Hannah is tired and clingy and Phil is hiding in the bedroom looking like death after throwing up most of last night. After speaking with a girlfriend who lives a fair way from me and hasn't seen the twins for a while I thought I might post a few of my favourite pictures of the 'brats' as I also call them - I have 2 - Little brat and Big brat - no prizes for guessing which is which!

Hannah signing 'hat' - she and Kit are accessory obsessed - hats, bags and shoes (no doubt they will discover scarves whent he cooler weather arrives)

I love it when they play together. Earlier today they demonstrated excellent teamwork skills with Kit handing Hannah the cds and she throwing them off the lounge. Kit is so much bigger and stronger than Hannah but he has a lovely gentle side with her (when he is not showing sibling rivalry). They often play together very well for their age and she loves playing the clown and getting him to laugh.

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