Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Winter Chills, Sick Children

Yesterday was ANZAC Day so we decided to take the twins to the zoo for the first time. They had a ball. Kit kept asking for 'more' after we left each animal enclosure. Hannah enjoyed herself too but is more easily overwhelmed and found it all rather tiring.

When we got home they played happily while I went out to get some dinner for them. When I got home I was cuddling Kit and he threw up - everywhere. Now if you are a parent without our sort of history you probably adopt a more common sense approach to this sort of thing but we can't help ourselves and we worry more than is probably necessary whenever one of the twins is ill.

Kit has had an ear infection for over a week which antibiotics have not been able to clear. I should mention that we are a bit paranoid about his ears as having had meningitis still places him at a higher than 'usual' risk of hearing loss.

I wonder when they won't seem quite so fragile to us? After all when one of us gets sick we don't automatically think the worst but for both of us there is always the unspoken fear that something terrible could happen to our precious babies. Our babies flirting with deadly illnesses when they were so young still scars us. We took Kit to the dr even though we both knew that it was probably unnecessary - emotionally we needed the reassurance.

Anyways today they are both well and although Kit still has his ear infection neither have thrown up yet and it is now lunchtime which is a good sign.

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Beth said...

Hi Shelley!

My name is Beth, and I too have IVF twins (16 months), one of whom has Down syndrome!!!

I linked to your blog today from another called "Always Chaos at our house"---Rebecca is always on the lookout for blogs that have anything to do with T21.

It's so nice to connect with others in the same boat.

I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures and hope you'll visit me at my blog, too!