Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I don't know what to say on this one but prayers from the heart seem the best thing to offer this little one at the moment. I occasionally look at Reeces Rainbow - its pretty confronting. I don't really feel comfortable with the whole prayer warrior thing or the missionary zeal but I am a believe in God, pacifist and power of prayer sort of gal and this little one needs some prayers at the moment. It's funny cos I saw another video clip just this morning - and I was hesitant about putting it on my fb page - it's got that missionary zeal stamped all over it - but it also has a beauty and dignity that I wanted to share - so I got over my squeamishness to share the message within - one that is very close to my heart - one of virtue and grace and earthliness too - and Trisomy 21 or mosaicism or translocation...Down Syndrome.

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