Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Count Me In

NDIS Take Action

Not sure how to put this in the side bar... disability has been sadly neglected and underfunded in Australia, finally things are starting to at least make the political agenda and just maybe we will achieve a fairer go for the many Australians with disabilities, and their carers too.

When I feel frustrated with the lack of resources for Hannah I try and remember just how lucky we are because we can do an enormous lot on the smell of an oily rag. Imagine what could be done with adequate resources?

The media coverage has been very positive an tentatively there may even be a level of bipartisan commitment to these reforms.

Here is the extract from the Count Me In site (which is linked in the title of this post)

In the meantime the key points are:

The Commission has accepted that the disability system is "inequitable, underfunded, fragmented and inefficient and gives people with a disability little choice ... a real system for people with disabilities is required." The Commission has therefore accepted the need for reform and for an NDIS.
The Commission has also accepted that the nation must better meet the needs of those people who currently do not receive any or only inadequate support and that their improved support packages would be portable across state and territory borders.
The Commission recommends the introduction of a fully funded National Disability Insurance Scheme with individualised funding to ensure people with a disability and their families are able to exercise greater choice and control about the supports they need.

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