Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Things are mooching along just fine in the Dock. The weather has been quite contrary which has been driing me nuts but I have to admit that the garden is looking grand. I have only a few more teaching days left in the year which seems to have flown by. It is hard to believe that before long the twins will be in year 1. Before that thought there is the joy of Christmas to prepare for. I have already started to do a little planning for it.

Hannah and Kit are going well. I visited the kindy room today - Kit was working on a contract about the weather and Hannah had a visual discrimination activity sheet that involved colouring, cutting and matching three different types of trucks. Both worked really well.

Kit is a HUGE fan of junior masterchef. His reading is coming along - he is now reading Hairy MacLary books by himeself as well as the little nibbles and Rascal range. He is full of energy and drives us quite mad with his treating the lounge like a trampoline (we have one in the yard after all!) and otherwise running madly about inside. getting him to practise his piano is a bit of a challenge. Recently the school announced a talent show. With auditions - well Kit straight away wanted to enter it - I confess my first reaction was to feel nauseous but then I tooka deep breath so as to contain my own adult reaction and allow him to be the lovely confident little man he is. Besides - as I told DH - it is the school that will have to help him out - heal his broken heart etc. Anyways the auditions were on Monday and he had a ball. I don't think he is even thinking about whether he gets to be chosen for the actual show - so there - I am proud of him and thankful and unsurprised - the school have obviously done a good job in helping the kindys enjoy the experience. He likes his dsi but tends to prefer making movies out of stills - that is one of his favourite weekend activities. His swimming is coming along nicely too. He wants to learn the violin and tae kwon do next year - not sure that it will all be possible or affordable but we shall wait and see.

Hannah bear is going great guns. Her utterance length is improving all the time. She has continued to be widely accepted by her peers at schoola nd has a couple of friends who she plays with each day. She is obsessed with dolls and babies. This week she had all of them at school and she was showing them some writing and some drawing. She still needs some help with writing her name - it varies in readability espeically the a with the 'stick' on the wrong side and the 'n' which can look quite odd on occassions. I ahve been thinking about doing a blitz on this but then I noticed that she is more happy to have a go at writing other words - so I am planning on doing some of that - you know - drawing a cat and then writing 'cat' and of course she iwll need to put her name on the sheet! She is doing very well in swimming and still loves her dance. Apparently we ahve to choose a type of dance for her next year? Musical Theatre, jazz, ballet etc - it is all alien to me so I will have to talk with her teachers soon about that.

Dad is back in QLD for a few weeks. I hope he comes back soon - I love having him here and so does Hannah. He will be here for Christmas which I am excited about.
No other news from here. I will try and take a few more photoes of the brats - they relaly are doing very well. Growing up way too fast of course.


Sharon said...

I'm going to try leaving a comment again, have had lots of problems just lately!
It's great everything is going sowell.
Your description of Kit full of energy and enthusiasm made me smile! My son started reading with the Rascal series too. He's a big Paul Jennings fan even now. Good on him for entering the talent show auditions. Hope he is chosen for the show.
Awesome to hear about Hannah, she is doing great!
Can't believe that it's time to think about Christmas already (I have started but it seems to have crept up this year).
Looking forward to more photos!

Shelley said...

Sharon you are too kind. I will try and get some piccies up soon though... what a year it is - that first year of school.