Monday, October 25, 2010

Buddy Walk

The day before the Sydney Buddy Walk was a glorious sunny srping day. The day of the walk it was wet and miserable. Much as I hated to - I chickened out. I invited our team of walkers over for morning tea instead - as I had been baking into the night some treaties for the picnic! Lots of other people who I was really looking forward to catching up with braved it though - and one of my ex students a young woman from Kuwait whos sister has DS went as a volunteer so I was very sorry to miss catching up with her. I am however very impressed that she has said that she had a great day and that maybe one day her sister will be able to take part ina buddy walk in their home country - how cool would that be?!
Dress ups Our faux Buddy Walk


Adelaide Dupont said...

That would be so excellent to have a Buddy Walk in Kuwait.

Jim McDonald has visited the country in the past seven years or so, so, yes, Kuwaitis are open wide.

Shelley said...

I agree that a Buddy Walk in Kwait would be fantastic - Adelaide - who is Jim McDonald?

Adelaide Dupont said...

Jim McDonald is a retiree.

He was a professional who taught speech therapy at the Ohio State University.

He is the author of Play to Talk and Communicating Partners.

One McDonald quote is probably:

Children live in a world of action and sensation; adults live in a world of words.

Kit's Worm Farm said...

Adelaide - I love that quote - it is so true - especially after a morning in the kindy room!

Adelaide Dupont said...

I notice that Kit has his own website now.

Very exciting!

Shelley said...

Yes - he was very kken to have his own 'website' - so that seemed a reasonable compromise. One day I hope it will be a lovely online memory for him of this precious time.