Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Technological Abyss

The quilt I am working on for my nephew's stepdaughter. I originally bought the Snow White pane for hannah but I think she'll understand.

We went to my SILs for a family celebration of the October birthdays. The twins just LOVE their cousins - Hannah is transfixed with her baby cousin and always wants her to come to our house. She got to cuddle her, read to her and feed her - so she was in Hannah Heaven. Kit loves his cousins too but he has a special adoration for his oldest cousin - the very lovley young boy who is so patient with his hero-worshipping little cousin...

Evidence of my labours - the twin's room has been dusted and organised ready to decorate for Christmas next weekend.

Swimming is going well. Both the kids are happy with their current instructors and I can see them making good progress.

A play with the new photo edit system
Recently I had one of those too rare but lovely mornings of waking up early and feeling good - so I took the poodle for a walk down to the bay that is near where I live. It turned out to be a rainy day - but luckily the rain didn't kick in until we were back home.
On Friday Kit had a sibkidz movie night - Hannah thought she was so special - a night with both her parents ALL to herself - she set out her favourite videos all in a row on the floor in front of the tele - we started with Hi5 Imagine That - complete with dance moves then it was 'Mummy's turn' - for a few minutes until Hannah stepped in and saved our movie night with "Astroboy, New Movie!'. There was popcorn and pasta and a gorgeous little redhead sitting in the middle. Two proud parents enjoying the evening too - and it occurred to me that even though the image of Hannah spending her teenage years and beyond like this - at home with us - while Kit is out with his friends - is not something I count on anymore - if it is to come to pass - well - it was a pretty good night for us all. Somewhere in there was a sling - so Hannah had one too - the next morning, first thing - she is back in our bedroom with her 'bandage' wanting her arm to be put into a sling again...
Last week was a technological disaster. My Dell laptop - which is about 13 months old - has had a new disc drive and mohterboard put in under warranty - a month outside of that warranty - it's hard drive is buggered! Then our backup Dell - the laptop DH bought for me when I was on mat leave - it died too! So there you have it - a week without technology in the Dock. Lucky Hannah's ipodtouch got me onto facebook and Kit's DSi was looking pretty good too - until DH came home on Sat with this little wonder that I am on now - a new MacBookPro - love it! Cyberworld - I missed you!
Kit is obsessed with movie making - no matter how often I comment on how he might like to be a doctor when he grows up still he persists in saying he wants to be a movie maker. The twins have watched some of the bonus features and hence they have some idea of 'storyboards' here hannah is making her version of a storyboard for her movie about Astroboy.
My gorgeous Kit has had an awesome year - he has grown up so much.
Hannah likes the TInkerbell costume Gra got for her...

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Anything is possible, Shelley. It might be Kit staying at home and Hannah out with her mates.

The swimming and the movie-making look really great. So, too, does your editing on the new programme.

Technical disasters!