Monday, November 29, 2010


Hannah realised why she has a spare pair of specs4us - so Sally can wear them!
Kit performed at the school talent show - on the keyboard. I was working and couldn't be there - but my heart was in my mouth at 2pm - when I knew he'd be performing. DH and my Dad were able to go though - DH said it was lovely to see - and when he finished as he went back to his seat some of the older boys who were waiting to go on, sitting with their guitars - gave him high fives as he went by them. Gosh kids can be unreal can't they? He had a ball and was very proud of his certificate of participation.
Hannah dancing up a storm with my goddaughter on Sat night.
A friend passed on this dress to Hannah. She wore it to church and to Zac's party - it looked lovely on her
Hannah's very favourite baby cousin came over on Sunday. I think Hannah enjoyed looking after her just as much as she enjoyed marauding at her first MacDonalds party. Baby C and her brother J came to the party - I drove my SIL's 8 seater - scary for me but it drove well thank goodness.
The other day I put the Wiggles Christmas Classics cd in my car. Driving the twins to school and I realised - we were all singing along. I suddenly felt teary. Mum loved Christmas. I love Christmas too and now it is the twins turn to be indoctrinated with the spirit of the season. There was sadness but also a lot of precious memories in my mind that morning.

It has been a big year for the twins and they are both tired. Still I was surprised when Kit fell asleep on Sunday afternoon snuggled up next to my Dad.
Snuggling up with Gra
My beautiful girl
Christmas in Hannah's dollhouse
Enjoying the Christmas nook

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