Monday, December 28, 2009


It's raining here today - heavy set in rain. It started on Christmas Day - after lunch thank goodness!! We had all of DHs family here (except our newest edition - who is still in newborn special care as she was born at 32 weeks - she is divine and doing great - and with us all in spirit). It was great to have my Dad here as part of the clan too. The brats behaved better than usual in church which was a great gift for me - I worry about how they are going to go at school next year - theya re going to a catholic school - and church is part of it all. Kit was way better than Hannah but at least she was quiet!!

We then had my sister's inlaws for lunch on Boxing Day - not sure what I was thinking when I made that offer!!! and it was raining so we had to set up in the lounge room - still it went well and I got to spend time with my sister (down from Brisvegas) and her SIL has an 8month old - so I enjoyed seeing and playing with him. My sister then left my nephew here for a sleepover - which meant that Kit was in 7th heaven. D is one year older - lots of Ben 10 games and boy wrestling etc...

Hannah has been playing with her new dollhouse - it is just beautiful - I hope she has it as a keepsake from her Pop for a long time.

We are thinking of taking the brats to the movies today - to get them out of the house on this wet wet day... maybe to see ALvin and the Chipmunks.

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Dovic said...

Hey Shelley, took Bella on her micro mini down the beach the other day! Another reason the 2 girls should hook up, they can practice together :). Is Hannah in to hers?