Friday, December 18, 2009


Well the EEG went well this morning. The traffic across twon is terrible at the moment - everyone is out and about in the lead up to work and there is a bis strike today as well. So we left home in plenty of time - and got to have a smoothie beforehand. Hannah was a little unsure but otherwise very compliant thank goodness. She read Hairy MacLary and Where is the Green Sheep? blew bubbles and a pinwheel and played with a slinky - all of which managed to keep her sitting still (sort of!) on my lap for 20 mins or so. She got to keep a bottle of bubbles too. She was chatty and happy sitting there even throught he light which I have to say annoyed me a bit - it was very strong and flickered sharply at different parts of the test. I could see the brain waves on the screen but have no idea what they mean of course. Results should come thorugh this afternoon or Monday - so fingers crossed on that one.

On the way home we picked up Hannah's new school shoes - black mary janes - they look adorable on her.


Cathy said...

hope you hear back today.
thinking of Han

Sasha said...

Hoping and praying for good results. How stressful do have all this in the middle of the busiest time of the year.

Cate said...

I'm glad I'm reading this late so I know how it turns out. Also glad she did so well, sitting through medical stuff is hard for kids.

Abby loves Where is the Green Sheep? right now. Great book..

In my continuing quest to tell you what to blog about, how about a picture of Hannah in those shoes? I love little girls in Mary janes!