Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Plan Ready for 2010

Today's meeting went well. It took about 2 hours. I then had to do a mad dash to get Hannah over the other side of town to the opthamologist - a feat we achieved (just).

At the meeting the EI teacher and I outlined what Han is up to - her strengths as well as some of her weaker areas. The teachers asked questions. We set goals for Hannah - things like - she will be able to write 'Han', recognise the symbols for 1-5, use visual supports in class setting,etc

We discussed strategies for explaining to the other kids, their parents and teachers.
We discussed expectations for Hannah - eg sitting in a group for extended periods of time - and discussed how to deal with difficulties that she may have. I gave the school a copy of 'common makaton' signs for the classroom.

I was very impressed and relieved with how the meeting went - walked out totally agreeing with our EI teacher who said "I think you've made the right choice". Yes I think so too. I know it won't be easy - but it is possible and it might be fun!

As the meeting ended - I gave them my copy of Win-Win Advice for the Inclusive Classroom to read - I had stuck in a photo of Hannah in her school uniform - it made them smile. I hope they find it helpful and inspiring too.

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