Friday, December 04, 2009

IDPwD - Taronga Zoo

Baby Luk Chai was out and about which the kids liked and it seems the giraffes are real party animals as they were still out being fed as we were leaving. The star trek dress ups were pretty cool too.

We got tickets to this fantastic worldwide event thorugh NSW DSA - dreamnight at the zoo - the staff and vollies were all so cheery and welcoming - there was a great atmosphere as all the families wandered around the many great events that were on to entertain the VIP guests - one of which was our Hannah!

She was keen to see the monkeys and have her face painted. At the face painting stand we tried to convince her to choose a simpler pic but to no avail - so there was one lady there who we were told to go to for Hannah's monkey request - I think she did a good job and Hannah was very impressed.

We saw the bird show which was just fantastic - I hadn't seen it before - against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour we saw some very well trained birds strut their stuff. Hannah loved it. As part of the show they had a member of the audience hold out a gold coin - and a galah flew up to her, landed on her arm and took the coin in its beak. Hannah LOVED it - soon she was standing out holding out her arm/finger too - hoping a bird would land on it. It was an honest bird so when the lady held out her arm again - it flew back and returned the coin. They also had a condor - just like in the Dora Goes to School book that Hannah loves but I didn't get a photo of it because it was so fast and my little camera so slow.

We met up with friends of ours and wandered around some more. Hannah was thrilled to see Dorothy the dinosaur there - and Captain Feathersword too. Eventually it was well and truly time to go home - 8.30 is very late for little kids after a full day at preschool and all the excitement of the zoo. As we were leaving the brats got the most amazing and best value show bag I've ever seen!!! It kept them awake all the way home (although Han was happy to play with her light sabre and open her loot this morning).

I also printed off some photoes this morning which the kids were very happy to keep looking at - they had a great time. I'll have to try and find a moment to write a thank you to the zoo and DSA NSW - it was lovely to go to that sort of event during the hurly burl of the Christmas preparations etc - it was like a little breath of fresh air in the family.


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How cool. I love the face painting:)

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