Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Things are going well in the DOck although I do get the feeling that I am about to be overwhelmed by everything I'd like to get done in the mad rush before Christmas. Some progress was made today - haircuts for both brats (mine is booked in for after my next pay - so overdue I can't wait - am missing the work Christmas do just so I can get it done). Swimming booked for next year - the waiting list for the special needs lessons is very long but I managed to get the supervisor to agree to cap the class Han is in to 3 kids and she has been placed witha 'strong' instructor. There were vacancies for a 3day holiday special needs lesson (which means one on one instruction for half an hour) so I booked her in for one of those. Music fees for next year are also waiting to be paid by Friday.

I have a few things I want to get done and drop in at the school for next year as well as try and arrange to take some photoes so that I can put together a social story about school for the twins to read over the break.

Work hours are still too long for my liking but at least not too demanding. Christmas get togethers are really starting to pick up speed. We had a lovely lunch with a family who live down the road from us (their 6yo has DS) which was a lovely start to the holiday season. Hannah then had a christmas party at Rainbow CLub - swimschool for children with special needs that she goes to each week with her father ('not Mummy, not Kit. Hannah. Daddy' as she says every week when we asak her where she is going on Sat afternoon). She got a lovely beach bag and a star medal - very cute.

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