Monday, November 02, 2009

T and A

We have procrastinated on htis one until the drs had evidence that Hannah would benefit fromt he surgery. The sleep study she ahd earlier in the year showed that she would - so now I have had to make an appointment with her cardiac pediatrician in prep for surgery in Feb next year - the very first week of school - terrible timing but hte first available. It should help her cope better at school - in terms of alertness, memory etc - so fingers crossed for a speedy recovery - I don't want ehr missing too many days so early in her school career.


Lund7 said...

My youngest just had a T and A done a week and a half's a long recovery time. I'm so glad it's finally behind us though...good luck!

datri said...

Kayla just had her T&A and did very well with it. I'd heard all the horror stories about recovery, but hers went pretty easily.