Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Play School

The twins really enjoyed playing schools the other night. They decided it was time to teach their students how to swim...Hannah shows her class how to blow bubbles under water.
Team teaching (Kit had started by saying he was the principal and Han the class teacher - but once he saw how much fun she was having as teacher he changed his mind)
The students need the right gear!
Giving Astroboy some hand over hand modelling - a strategy she knows well!
(Hannah addressing the whole class)
Who's that hanging out the window?
It's been hideously hot here for the past few days. We have had a very long period of drought and the water restrictions that accompany it. Lucky for the twins ther restrictions have only just been lifted in Sydney so while I am still conscious of not wasting this precious resource I was able to use a fancy sprinkler I bought about 10 years ago fo rhte first time! I didn't take any pics I'm sorry (Iwas srping cleaning their bedroom)- next time - but the twins did what countless generations before them have done and played in their swimmers under the spray of water. They also consumed an iordinate number of iceblacks to get through!

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