Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas and Dentists

Hannah went to the dentist today - a new one - and only the second time she's been to any. She did great - Hannah and the dentist!! Just kidding - no the dentist had a great manner came and got Han fromt eh witing area herself and spoke directly to Hannah. She has 20 teeth. No grown up ones showing yet - they are on Mr Kit but he is seeing a pediatric dentist in Dec (part of the before school get your act together Mum routine) because he already has ahd an extraction and crowns poor baby - my teeth aren't good either so I guess he gets that from me.

Life at the Lunds has a picture of a magnificant poodle skirt - and I so have a soft spot for the hounds (ours is 8 years old). I already ahve a winter wieght one of my own - maybe I'll see if Target have a full plain skirt - and then all I'd have to do is apllique a poodle onto it. Spotlight VIP sale on tonight - might see what they have. Or I could pull out Mum's embroidery machine as she had some poodle patterns for it I think.

Have been cooking heaps from Stephanie ALexander's Kitchen Garden COmpanion. It is FANTASTIC - and the kids have enjoyed (and helped with) every single recipe I've used so far. SO today in a spare minute we went to the garden centre for some seeds and some seedlings. Lets hope they thrive.

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