Friday, November 27, 2009

So you think you can
Stare at it. Glare at it.
It won't work.

Maybe you could
confront it. Confuse it.
It just won't move.

Develop a radical plan and
embrace it. Try to save it.
No not like that.

The answer is to
love it. Enjoy it.
What else should you do?

There is no point to
refuse it. Deny it.
Lose no more sleep over it.

Lower your gaze
Look there the beauty's undisguised
Wonder like crystals
Patiently waiting
for your heart to crack.
Open. At last.
Love pure.

The light in here seems sadly bright
Look! Look at these new soft shoes.
He shades his eyes with purple lashes.

She pulls upon the curtain sashes.
Where to hang their masterpiece?
The drapes they swish in the breeze.

At night when all is gone there's ease
And maybe a shimmer of joie de vivre
Place pride up high upon her hook.

We see our daughter's unique look
Her brother loves that look too yet
For him rainbows and rulers must do.

1 comment:

Dovic said...

WOW Shelley, did you write those? I love them. WOW.