Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kit taking a photo of the dinner he liked - for his scrapbook! I blame Masterchef.
A nap on our bed before swiming with the poodle.
She loves going to Rainbow Club swimming lessons with her father on the weekend.
We minded my SILs cat for anight on the weekend - she decided that Hannah's bed was indeed the best in the house - proving the intlelect of cats is not to be underestimated - cos she is right it is - it is made of beautiful crafted steel - a special needs Dad who works there donated it to a fundraiser and we got it! it is definitley the best bed in the house.

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simplycamille said...

What great children... Hannah is beautiful. Let us know how she does with her glasses... We often wonder how Emma would do with them; she has nystagmus, so who knows if she'll need them one day... Best of luck!