Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Father's Day

Kit decorated the Father's Day cake
My Dad is in Brisvegas, DH's Dad is toruisting around in Croatia at the moment I think - so we had his sisters over for lunch. It was lovely. At one point my SIL and BIL had left for about 25 minutes - leaving their 3 kids here. They youngest (4yo) came outside from playing with the other kids. He got a surprise to see that his mum wasn't at the outside table where she had been - but he came over to me - "Where is my mum?" he asked. I smiled and cuddled him to me "She's gone and you are going to be staying here for a little while cutie - is that ok?" [I should say that he and his siblings spent a few days with me last school holidays] He looked a bit concerned but obviously made a decision to file that one away for later cos after a pause he looked at me, held out his wrist and the Ben 10 omnitrix and said "Can you put this on?" as if I hadn't phased him at all. How we all laughed! He is such a cute little bear that one, and when his parents got back and rang the door bell - who do you think raced to get the door to greet them? Little bear of course!

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