Tuesday, September 15, 2009


While Kit was being minded by his father at work Hannah and I were at the optometrist (which took a lot less time than the hours spent at the opthamologist last week to determine that one of her eyes is 'turning' and she needs glasses to correct it). Lucky for me a few other mums whose kids have DS were out and about to recommend Sepcs4us - frames made with the facial shape of kids with DS in mind. One mum ordered hers directly from the US - not something I wanted to do given that these are her first pair. There was an optomatrist at Edgecliff (not that far from us and one in Taree listed as having the frames in NSW) listed on the Sepcs4us website linked to the title of this post. And I'll give them a plug too - yay!! Edgecliff Eyes were very helpful, efficient and friendly. Han looks great in them - now how to encourage her to wear them all the time and to keep them in one piece - that is the next challenge. (The link to Specs 4 Us is in the title of this post).


Sharon said...

The glasses look really cute.

Michelle said...

She looks so cute in her glasses!